Beacon Imagery has developed a revolutionary process to create the most impactful images to market your listings.  Our billing process is broken down by time allotted based on square footage.  This process will not limit the number of photos that you will receive.  Your photographer has been professionally trained to maximize time during a photo shoot, while capturing the most attractive images to potential buyers. You will always receive the most value per image.

Images will be delivered via email the next business evening by midnight with a link to download from  Please note:  Friday photo shoots will be delivered on Monday.  If you have an emergency and need images sooner, please let us know.  We will try our best to accommodate at no extra charge.



Full Real Estate Photo Shoot - Includes Exteriors and Interiors (all appropriate walk-in spaces).  Beacon Imagery guarantees "photo ready" properties up to 2,500 sq. ft. photographed and billed for 1 Hour.  For > 2,500 sq. ft. Beacon Imagery will provide a custom quote based on our hourly rate.

$99 per Hour


Aerial Photo Shoot - Aerial images by an FAA sUAS Certified Pilot using FAA registered DJI drone.



 Twilight Enhanced Photo Shoot - Exterior sunset images using all of the home's interior and exterior lighting to illuminate it against the darkening sky.



*******************  ADD ONs  *******************

Add Aerial Photo Shoot - Includes Aerial images in addition to Full Real Estate Photo Shoot

+ $49

Add Community Showcase Photo Shoot - Includes images of immediately surrounding amenities such as subdivision clubhouse, pool, tennis courts, etc. in addition to Full Real Estate Photo Shoot.

+ $49


Add Travel** - For locations more than a distance of 20 road miles away (but not more than 30 road miles) using Google Maps with Chattanooga, TN as the starting pointing, Beacon Imagery has an additional mileage charge.  For locations more than a distance of 30 miles, please call for a quote.

+ $30



*Rates based on average standard packaging

**Based on availability